Since 2000, countries across Africa have maintained over a decade of unprecedented economic expansion in a phenomena known as 'Africa rising'. However, despite pockets of strong economic growth, Africa still faces major development challenges. In this important book the contributors argue that Africa as a continent must work on securing social and political stability and build effective economic governance to ensure the development of a society that is socially, economically and politically inclusive. Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the contributors highlight what they consider to be the 12 major public policy conversations of the continent post-2015, from the legacy of African leadership, to the 'youth bulge' (and resulting unemployment) and climate change. The volume presents policy makers, academics and students with a chance to take a fresh look at urgent emerging challenges in post-MDG African development.

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Kararach, G. (George), Besada, H, & Shaw, T.M. (Timothy M.). (2015). Development in Africa: Refocusing the lens after the millennium development goals. Development in Africa: Refocusing the Lens after the Millennium Development Goals, 1–412.