In this paper we study the parallel implementation of a traditional frame based knowledge representation system for a general purpose massively parallel hypercube architecture (such as the Connection Machine CM-2). We show that, using a widely available parallel system (instead of a special purpose architecture), it is possible to provide multiple users with efficient shared access to a large scale knowledge-base. Parallel algorithms are presented for answering multiple inference, assert and retract queries on both single and multiple inheritance hierarchies. In addition to theoretical time complexity analysis, empirical results obtained from extensive testing of a prototype implementation are presented.

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Keywords Frame-based knowledge representation, Hypercube multiprocessors, Knowledge base systems, Parallel algorithms, Parallel artificial intelligence
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Journal Parallel Computing
Dehne, F, Ferreira, A. (Afonso), & Rau-Chaplin, A. (Andrew). (1994). A massively parallel knowledge-base server using a hypercube multiprocessor. Parallel Computing, 20(9), 1369–1382. doi:10.1016/0167-8191(94)90043-4