Our specific focus will be the efforts of community-based groups across Canada to raise awareness about the seriousness of violence against women in the urban environment. We examine how those involved in these initiatives see the problem being addressed by local authorities and the measures being sought to revise traditional housing policy and community planning initiatives in order to make them more sensitive to women's safety needs. We then turn to the planning and housing literature to determine to what degree violence in women's lives has been a subject of research and has informed policies and practices. We discuss the challenges ahead to insure that women's urban safety concerns also become community planning and housing development concerns. -from Authors

Canadian Journal of Urban Research
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Klodawsky, F, Lundy, C, & Andrew, C. (C.). (1994). Challenging "business as usual' in housing and community planning: the issue of violence against women. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 3(1), 40–58.