This paper presents an improved structure of a Gysel combiner/divider suitable for high-power applications. The proposed structure makes use of stepped-impedance load line features to implement a simple, compact, low loss and sufficiently wideband Gysel configuration. It also improves isolation and facilitates design flexibility for the load location. Measurements agree with expected simulated results thus, demonstrating the proposed structure with a 10% fractional bandwidth while maintaining 20 dB of return loss and 0.25 dB of insertion loss.

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Journal Progress In Electromagnetics Research C
Gholami, M. (Mehrdad), Amaya, R, & Yagoub, M.C.E. (Mustapha C. E.). (2016). Improved meandered Gysel combiner/divider design with stepped-impedance load line for high-power applications. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 70, 53–62. doi:10.2528/PIERC16102904