This paper investigates the effects of disturbances originating in the electric grid as well as residential appliance inrush currents on the integrity of battery packs in electric vehicles that are connected to the grid or a residence for the purpose of V2G or V2H service. Simulation results show that the effect on battery capacity loss was negligible. The large size of an automotive battery pack allows it to easily withstand the levels of current caused by typical grid based disturbances and appliance inrush currents. Thus, power grid disturbances as they exist, need not be considered a reason to refrain from employing an electric vehicle for V2G or V2H service.

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Keywords Automotive batteries, battery life, numerical simulation, power grid disturbances
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Conference 2016 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference, EPEC 2016
Darcovich, K. (Ken), Recoskie, S. (Steven), Pincet, F. (Fleurine), Guillet, M. (Marie), Foissac, A. (Amaury), Wang, X, … Ribberink, H. (Hajo). (2016). Propagation of electrical disturbances to automotive batteries in vehicle-to-grid context. In 2016 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference, EPEC 2016. doi:10.1109/EPEC.2016.7771781