Microwave imaging is explored as an imaging modality for early detection of breast cancer. When exposed to electromagnetic waves, the breast tumor has electrical properties that are substantially different from those of healthy breast tissue. This paper for the detection of breast cancer. We examine the ability to detect tumors by a UWB microstrip antenna operating at 6 GHz. Using a simple model in the form of a cone. This model consists of the breast skin, fat, and tumor tissues. The study is done according to several distances between the patch antenna and the model of the breast. Simulation and measured results are presented, namely, reflection coefficient, gain and radiation pattern of the antenna and the current density in the breast skin, fatty tissue and the tumor to give us a clear insight into the concept studied.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/MMS.2016.7803808
Conference 16th Mediterranean Microwave Symposium, MMS 2016
Karli, R., Ammor, H., Shubair, R.M., Alhajri, M.I., Alkurd, R., & Hakam, A. (2017). Miniature planar ultra-wide-band microstrip antenna for breast cancer detection. In Mediterranean Microwave Symposium. doi:10.1109/MMS.2016.7803808