This paper documents the findings of a series of full-scale room fire tests, which includes tests on fully protected, partially protected CLT rooms as well as light-frame timber/steel rooms under real natural fires, aiming to investigate the fire behaviour and performance of CLT panels as an increasingly popular engineered wood product and to compare it to the performance of more traditional construction methods. Results show that the CLT panels when left unprotected get involved in the room fire as part of the combustible contents, responsible for over 60% of total heat release in the fully unprotected CLT room and double the heat release rate of a fully protected room fire where the CLT does not contribute. Partially-protected CLT rooms also demonstrates various levels of fire contribution. The amount of CLT exposure is also related to the occurrence of re-ignition and a second flashover after all the movable fuels are consumed. The behaviour of CLT delamination and charring as well as the performance of gypsum boards in fire are also discussed.

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Keywords Charring rate, Contribution to fire, Cross laminated timber, Fire test, Heat release rate
Conference 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering, WCTE 2016
Li, X. (Xiao), McGregor, C. (Cameron), Medina, A. (Alejandro), Sun, X. (Xiaoqian), Barber, D. (David), & Hadjisophocleous, G. (2016). Real-scale fire tests on timber constructions. In WCTE 2016 - World Conference on Timber Engineering.