This article asks a simple question: Is cultural property a coherent concept? It answers this question through a critical examination of the concepts of cultural and property that builds on the work of Alan Audi. The article examines concepts of property and culture as they have developed separately in political theory. It suggests that arguments about cultural property are shaped by the discursive structure of the public/private divide. On this basis, the structure of cultural property arguments are critically examined. Then conclusions are drawn about the role of the public/private divide in structuring the tension between culture and property. It is concluded that this tension that defines the concept of cultural property.

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Journal International Journal of Cultural Property
Kuzmarov, B. (2013). The Coherence of the Concept of Cultural Property: A Critical Examination. International Journal of Cultural Property, 20(3), 233–256. doi:10.1017/S0940739113000118