The primary goal of this empirical research study is to identify key drivers of SME satisfaction related to a variety of aspects of the bank/SME relationship. The research uses data from 3,190 interviews with key informants – identified as the person who is most responsible for financial and banking decisions – in Canadian SMEs. Research focused on how SME overall satisfaction is affected by the account manager's management of the bank/SME relationship, the branch staff's management of the bank/SME relationship and the bank's policies and procedures regarding bank/SME relationships. All three drivers were significantly and strongly related to SME satisfaction with the bank with which they had their primary relationship.

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Keywords Banking, Canada, Customer satisfaction, Relationship marketing, Small- to medium-sized enterprises
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Journal International Journal of Bank Marketing
Madill, J.J. (Judith J.), Feeney, L. (Lisa), Riding, A.L, & Haines, G.H. (George H.). (2002). Determinants of SME owners’ satisfaction with their banking relationships: A Canadian study. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 20(2), 86–98. doi:10.1108/02652320210419698