A scheme for narrowband radio networks is presented that automates IP connectivity in the tactical edge, and between the edge and the backbone. The solution separates wired IP routing from routing in the radio network and applies cross-layer address management to efficiently map and distribute IP routes. Evaluated on realistic propagation and radio models in typical deployment scenarios, the approach has very little overhead and provides fast route convergence to meet the requirements of combat radio networks. This work is part of the basic research and development to support the implementation of NATO's Narrowband Waveform (NBWF).

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Keywords IP route distribution, narrowband radio network, network layer protocols, Routing
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/MILCOM.2016.7795428
Conference 35th IEEE Military Communications Conference, MILCOM 2016
Li, L., Haavik, S., Libaek, B., Wik, R., Hegland, A.M., McLachlan, D., … Kunz, T. (2016). Automated IP connectivity in narrowband radio networks. In Proceedings - IEEE Military Communications Conference MILCOM (pp. 806–811). doi:10.1109/MILCOM.2016.7795428