The City of Ottawa's CAD Topographic Mapping Data is reviewed. The data are in NAD83, Modified Transverse Mercator (MTM), Zone 9 coordinate system. The data illustrates the geographic positioning of the features by using points, polylines, and polygons, however there is no accompanying attribute information for each layer. The building polygon AutoCAD file does not include any accompanying information such as building type, or building name, wheresas the roads layer only includes the labels or annotations of the roads at exact locations. While the contours also include only labels or annotations, they are available as major contours at 2 meter intervals as well as minor contours at 50 cm intervals. The original AutoCAD dataset was downloaded from the City of Ottawa and then merged and clipped using FME software so that the data covered specific neighborhood. Using FME, the data were also converted to a shapefile format for use by GIS users.

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Journal Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin
Rivard, J. (Joel). (2016). Geospatial data and software reviews: City of Ottawa 1:2000 CAD topographic mapping data. Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin (Vol. 2016, pp. 14–17).