The concept of cybercartography draws on theory from a variety of disciplines including the physical and human sciences, geomatics sciences and technology, collaborative research, and the humanities. Integration of theory across disciplines is required in such approach. This chapter examines cybercartography through a transdisciplinary lens of "integral theory" which uses a set of tenets describing "whole-part" relationships, or "holons" as a basis for theoretical integration and synthesis. Central to this approach is an examination of what we mean by "information," in particular, with its relationship to data, knowledge, and meaning. Extending conventional user-computer oriented concepts, a "Cybercartographic Human Interface" (CHI) model is proposed.

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Series Modern Cartography Series
Eddy, B.G. (Brian G.), & Taylor, D.R. (2005). Chapter 3 Exploring the concept of cybercartography using the holonic tenets of integral theory. In Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/S1363-0814(05)80006-1