The advent of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and distributed, agent-based computing present new challenges for the development of cartographic systems. The ability to effectively share meaning between system elements (semantic interoperability) remains an area of active research. The authors suggest a concept of geographic mediation (geomediation) that may be useful in framing current and emerging processes of integrating and representing geographic information in the context of distributed information. It is proposed that this concept can be used to guide practice and theory related to the design and evaluation of cartographic systems that can be seen as central to concepts like Taylor's cybercartography. The chapter presents a high-level architecture, the "open cartographic framework", based on a mediator approach. Implications for using such an approach are discussed in this chapter. The chapter concludes by suggesting that an effective geomediation process necessitates consideration of both formal and negotiated processes for establishing its meaning.

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Series Modern Cartography Series
Pulsifer, P.L. (Peter L.), & Taylor, D.R. (2005). Chapter 7 The cartographer as mediator: Cartographic representation from shared geographic information. Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/S1363-0814(05)80010-3