This chapter examines the educational design of the Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica for high school students. It examines different learning methods and establishes a need to create a learning environment that appeals to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory, while incorporating elements of edutainment to capture the attention of teenagers. Working in collaboration with Students on Ice, an organization that leads learning expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic, this chapter describes a prototype learning module, based on climate change, and a prototype gaming component for the Atlas.

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Series Modern Cartography Series
Baulch, S. (Samantha), Macdonald, R. (Ronald), Pulsifer, P.L. (Peter L.), & Taylor, D.R. (2005). Chapter 21 Cybercartography for education: The case of the cybercartographic atlas of antarctica. Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/S1363-0814(05)80024-3