This chapter discusses the ongoing development of a Web-based Atlas of the Antarctic region entitled the Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica (The Atlas). An overview of the design, development, and ongoing implementation of The Atlas is presented. Central to The Atlas development approach is the extensive analysis of the needs of a general public target user group. Through user needs analysis (UNA), specifications are established and prototypes used to test concepts before expensive development tasks are carried out. Constant feedback between process stages is built into this iterative User-Centred Design (UCD) approach. The UCD results provide specifications for many aspects of cartographic design, including interface elements, usage context, and information architecture. The chapter presents preliminary interface designs built on content supported by a prototype mediator-based system architecture. The concluding sections discuss emerging research challenges and directions in terms of cartographic representation, atlas design, and systems development.

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Series Modern Cartography Series
Pulsifer, P.L. (Peter L.), Parush, A, Lindgaard, G, & Taylor, D.R. (2005). Chapter 20 The development of the cybercartographic atlas of Antarctica. Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/S1363-0814(05)80023-1