The International Polar Year (2007-2008) (IPY) established an IPY data policy that guides a formal data management (DM) process. The DM system envisioned includes data based on Indigenous knowledge systems linked to data collected in the Western scientific tradition. Based on experiences developing an online Atlas of Inuit Sea Ice Knowledge and Use (Siku Atlas) we argue that an 'Indigenist' DM program must be developed if the envisioned IPY DM system is to be realized. Existing ideas proposing an Indigenist research paradigm are discussed in the context of DM. To move towards the development and implementation of an Indigenist DM program, we review four key relationships for consideration when documenting Indigenous knowledge and managing the resulting data: Indigenous and Western scientific knowledge systems; communities and researchers; Indigenous knowledge and power; and Indigenous knowledge and documentation methods. To ground the discussion, we link Indigenist DM processes to the Siku Atlas development process and results. Last, lessons learned are presented along with an outline of directions for a research program in support of an Indigenist DM program.

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Keywords data management, indigenist research paradigm, indigenous knowledge, International Polar Year (IPY), inuit
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Pulsifer, P.L. (Peter L.), Laidler, G.J. (Gita J.), Taylor, D.R, & Hayes, A. (Amos). (2011). Towards an Indigenist data management program: Reflections on experiences developing an atlas of sea ice knowledge and use. doi:10.1111/j.1541-0064.2010.00348.x