Telidon is a videotex system developed by the Department of Communications in Canada. As Telidon is an alphageometric system it has good graphic capabilities. Videotex systems allow the display of maps in a remote data base directly on the home TV set using the telephone or cable as a communications device. This technology provides a new opportunity for cartographers but if this is to be realized then some new design challenges will have to be met. To be effective, map design will have to take into consideration the nature of the new technology and the viewer's response to the images displayed. This paper discusses some of the issues in map design especially those relating to the sequence in which map elements are displayed.-Author

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Taylor, D.R. (1983). The design of maps for Telidon ( Videotex). Proc. 6th international symposium on automated cartography. Vol 1, Ottawa, October 1983, 461–468.