In existing urban rail transit systems, train-ground communication systems for different applications are deployed independently. Investing train-ground communication infrastructures repeatedly not only wastes substantial social resources, it also brings difficulties in maintaining all of the infrastructures. In this paper, with recent advances in wireless network virtualization, we design an integrated train-ground communication system for different urban rail transit applications, including communication-based train control systems, passenger information systems, and closed-circuit television systems. A prevention-based security scheme is used in the integrated train-ground communication system. With the objective to optimize the system quality of service (QoS) and improve the system security performance, we formulate the QoS and security problem as a Q-Learning problem. Extensive simulation results show that the system QoS and security performance can be improved substantially in the proposed integrated train-ground communication system.

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Keywords Cooperative communications, security, urban rail transit, wireless network virtualization
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Zhu, L. (Li), Yu, F.R, Tang, T. (Tao), & Ning, B. (Bin). (2016). An Integrated Train-Ground Communication System Using Wireless Network Virtualization: Security and Quality of Service Provisioning. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 65(12), 9607–9616. doi:10.1109/TVT.2016.2597153