Malware suppliers use various modes to provide goods and services to customers. By mode, we mean “the way” the malware supplier chooses to function. These modes increase monetization opportunities and enable many security breaches worldwide. A theoretically sound framework that can be used to examine the various modes that malware suppliers use to produce and sell malware is needed. We apply a general model specified recently by Hagiu and Wright to study five modes that malware suppliers use to deliver goods and services to their customers. The framework presented in this article can be used to predict the mode in which a malware supplier will function; to study which types of malware suppliers, agents, and customers are attracted to each mode; to discover new modes; and to better understand the threat a malware supplier presents.

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Keywords agents, customers, cybercrime, cybersecurity, malware, modes, multisided platform, suppliers
Journal Technology Innovation Management Review
Bailetti, A.J, & Gad, Mahmoud. (2016). Examining the modes malware suppliers use to provide goods and services. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6(23), 21–27.