Corporations and government agencies worldwide seek to ensure that their networks are safe from cyber-attacks, and startups are being launched to take advantage of this expanded market for cybersecurity products, services, and solutions. The cybersecurity market is inherently global; therefore, cybersecurity startups must globalize to survive. With this article, we fill a gap in the literature by identifying the factors that make a technology startup valuable to specific stakeholders (e.g., investors, customers, employees) and by providing a tool and illustrating a process to describe, design, challenge, and invent the actions that should be performed to globalize a cybersecurity startup early and rapidly for the purpose of increasing its value. The development of the tool builds on recent advances in the resource-based literature, the review of the literature on born-global firms and business model discovery processes, and the experience gained operating the Lead to Win ecosystem. This article will be of interest to entrepreneurs and their venture teams, investors, business development agencies, advisors, and mentors of cybersecurity startups as well as researchers who develop tools and approaches that are relevant to technology entrepreneurs.

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Keywords born global, cybersecurity, globalization, startups
Journal Technology Innovation Management Review
Bailetti, A.J, & Zijdemans, Erik. (2014). Cybersecurity startups: The importance of early and rapid globalization. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(11), 15–21.