This article investigates how entrepreneurial marketing can encourage resellers to adopt smart micro-grid technology. An online survey based on the literature on user adoption and entrepreneurial marketing was used to gather data from 99 power systems resellers. The data were analyzed using the partial least squares method to validate a model of the relationships between reseller’s antecedents and intention to adopt smart micro-grid technology, and the role of vendor’s entrepreneurial marketing in the adoption. The results suggest that user adoption models can only partially be applied to the reseller context, and future research should develop models that can further explain reseller’s decision making with regards to becoming involved in an emerging technology. As to the implications for practice, vendors need to demonstrate proactive entrepreneurial marketing, particularly entrepreneurial orientation, to increase the performance expectancy perceived by their resellers by increasing awareness and understanding of smart micro-grid technology to cultivate its diffusion.

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Keywords entrepreneurial marketing, power systems, resellers, smart micro-grid, technology adoption
Journal Technology Innovation Management Review
Kavandi, Hamidreza, & Westerlund, M. (2015). Using Entrepreneurial Marketing to Foster Reseller Adoption of Smart Micro-Grid Technology. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(9), 5–16.