This study revisits current practice that ownership holding at IPO has a homogeneous impact on IPO performance. Using signalling theory, we develop and test a conceptual model explaining the relationships between the aggregated ownership structure and IPO price premium. We argue that aggregated ownership has a direct effect on issue price premium, and offer specific hypotheses on the effect of the shares sold during the offering by each type of owner on IPO performance. We use archival data from a sample of US firms that issued IPOs between 1996 and 2000 and find a significant direct effect of ownership configuration, namely, heterogeneity in effect of each ownership type on IPO performance as well as interaction effects between different ownership types. Copyright

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Keywords cours d'émission, offre publique de départ, propriété, propriété globale, théorie de la signalisation
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Journal Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
Sur, S, & Martens, M.L. (Martin L.). (2013). Whose firm is it anyway? Analyzing ownership effects on IPO performance. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 30(4), 264–279. doi:10.1002/cjas.1266