The present research examines the interrelation between psychological need satisfaction at the general, domain-specific, and episodic levels of experience, and the extent to which need satisfaction at each level predicts general well-being independently of the other levels. Results show evidence for both top-down and bottom-up effects of need satisfaction across three levels of experience and provide support for a heterarchical model of need satisfaction. Psychological need satisfaction at three distinct levels of experience independently contributes to general well-being both measured concurrently and prospectively. Overall, the present research provides a theoretical and empirical model of the organization of need satisfaction across multiple levels of experience. This supports the importance of assessing need satisfaction at multiple levels of experience.

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Keywords Heterarchical models, Hierarchical models, Psychological needs, Self-determination theory, Well-being
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Journal Journal of Research in Personality
Milyavskaya, M, Philippe, F.L. (Frederick L.), & Koestner, R. (Richard). (2013). Psychological need satisfaction across levels of experience: Their organization and contribution to general well-being. Journal of Research in Personality, 47(1), 41–51. doi:10.1016/j.jrp.2012.10.013