The boundary element method (BEM) with traction-singular crack-tip elements is used to analyse an interfacial crack in a Brazil-nut sandwich specimen. Results of the crack-tip stress field characterising parameters, namely the modulus K0 and argument ψ of the complex stress intensity factor, K, are presented in non-dimensional form for a range of geometric and material variables when it is subjected to different angular orientations of the applied load. The results are useful, for calibration purposes, in experimental fracture mechanics studies of interfacial cracking under mixed modes of loading using this specimen.

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Keywords bimaterial interface crack, boundary element method, Brazil-nut sandwich specimen, Fracture mechanics
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Journal Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
Bois-Grossiant, P., & Tan, C. (1995). Boundary element fracture mechanics analysis of Brazil-nut sandwich specimens with an interface crack. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 16(3), 215–225. doi:10.1016/0955-7997(95)00063-1