In this paper, we investigate output feedback based impedance reflecting robust coordination control input interface for bilateral shared autonomous system under asymmetrical delay and uncertainty. The proposed design has two parts. In first part, we design state feedback based shared input interaction interface provided that all the states are available for feedback. The asymptotic convergence condition under state feedback design is derived by using Lyapunov method. In second part, we replace the unknown velocity states by observer to develop output feedback based shared input interaction interface algorithm. The convergence condition with observer based output feedback design is shown by using the singularly perturbed method. The analysis shows that the performance achieved under state feedback based design can be recovered by using output feedback based design. Evaluation results are given to demonstrate the validity of the theoretical argument of the proposed design for real-time applications.

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Journal Journal of the Franklin Institute
Islam, S. (Shafiqul), & Liu, P. (2017). Observer based robust output feedback coordination control for bilateral shared autonomous system. Journal of the Franklin Institute. doi:10.1016/j.jfranklin.2017.01.022