Major studies on cell production have put the emphasis on technical factors (machine order/layout, family part grouping, workŽow sequence, etc.), it is still insufficient to investigate how workers' aptitude affect the productivity of production cells. As the first attempt to examine the workers' aptitude toward the assembly tasks in production cells,we make a comparatively detailed literature review on the major theories and assessment measures developed in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. Then we give the definition of four aptitudes and related hypotheses from the aspects of workers' cognition and interest, finger dexterity, affection, and behavioral intention. We design a self-evaluation sheet to measure the workers' aptitudes, and moreover design a cell production experiment to investigate the relation between the workers' aptitudes and productivity of production cells. Through our experimental study, we verified statistically that the workers' cognition and interest, negative affection correlate significantly to the productivity of production cells. However, there are still some issues to be addressed further in order to measure the workers' aptitudes through the self-evaluation sheet.

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Keywords Cell Production, Cellular Manufacturing, Experimental Study, Workers' Aptitude
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Journal Innovation and Supply Chain Management
Dong, Yangwen, Sato, Shinya, Kumar, V, & Hoshino, Kyoji. (2016). Definition and Verification of Workers' Aptitude Toward Assembly Tasks in Production Cells. Innovation and Supply Chain Management, 10(1), 43–52. doi:10.14327/iscm.10.43