The Internet is having an increasing influence on our lives, but what implications does it hold for human rights? How can it be used to promote and protect them? This book, written by an accomplished group of activists, writers and academics, describes the development and use of the Internet for human rights, examines its impact across the world and upon various sectors of society, and discusses current and future trends in human rights promotion and protection.

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Editor S. Hick (Steven) , Halpin, E.F. (Edward F.), Hoskins, E. (Eric)
ISBN 978-0-333-97770-5
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Hick, S, Halpin, E.F. (Edward F.), & Hoskins, E. (Eric) (Eds.). (2016). Human rights and the internet. (S Hick, Halpin, E.F. (Edward F.), & Hoskins, E. (Eric), Eds.)Human Rights and the Internet (pp. 1–257). doi:10.1057/9780333977705