This paper explores business-to-business (B2B) marketing values and knowledge systems in India and their impact on identity construction in industrial networks. Our study moves methodological approaches into more interpretive territory by acknowledging the processes of social construction in networks as articulated by the IMP Group. We bring an interdisciplinary perspective to B2B marketing studies by recognizing cultural influences on managers' constructions of Indian modernity and explore what these linguistic moves may mean for the management of buyer-seller relationships. We highlight the dexterity with which individual actors discursively position themselves, their (and other) firms and countries by drawing upon a range of interpretive repertoires in their accounts of relationship management. Our chief contribution is to conceptually synthesize some of the discursive forces at work in identity processes within Indian business networks and to empirically illustrate the inherent tensions within managers' talk as they construct individual, organizational and national identities.

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Keywords Discourse analysis, Identities in networks, India, Inter-organizational relationships
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Journal Industrial Marketing Management
Ellis, N. (Nick), Rod, M, Beal, T. (Tim), & Lindsay, V. (Val). (2012). Constructing identities in Indian networks: Discourses of marketing management in inter-organizational relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(3), 402–412. doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2011.06.014