In this paper, we explore the mapping metaphor in its various guises within B2B marketing and, particularly, IMP research. We explore these multiple mapping techniques in terms of different mapping styles that point to different types of research journey, different sights along the way and different destinations. We critically appraise 'dead mapping' approaches, which we see as a persistent cause of getting lost and advocate 'second order' mapping as a more suitable alternative. We focus our critique upon Cova, Prévot, and Spencer (2010)'s paper 'Navigating between dyads and networks'.

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Keywords Dead mapping vs. second-order mapping, Industrial networks, Map metaphor, Sensemaking
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Journal Industrial Marketing Management
Lowe, S. (Sid), Ellis, N. (Nick), Purchase, S. (Sharon), Rod, M, & Hwang, K.-S. (Ki-Soon). (2012). Mapping alternatives: A commentary on Cova, B. et al. (2010). 'Navigating between dyads and networks'. Industrial Marketing Management (Vol. 41, pp. 357–364). doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2012.01.015