Student loyalty is a critical measure in the success of higher education institutions that aim at retaining students until graduation and then attracting them back. This study examines the relative importance of relationship pathways among key factors affecting student loyalty in the following order: perceived service quality, satisfaction, trust, and commitment. The findings reveal that perceived service quality and student satisfaction do not translate directly into student loyalty, but, rather, indirectly through the mediation of trust and commitment. Implications of the findings are discussed.

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Keywords Commitment, Higher education, Perceived service quality, Satisfaction, Student loyalty, Trust
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Journal Latin American Business Review
Rojas-Mendez, J, Vasquez-Parraga, A.Z. (Arturo Z.), Kara, A. (Ali), & Cerda-Urrutia, A. (Arcadio). (2009). Determinants of student loyalty in higher education: A tested relationship approach in latin America. Latin American Business Review, 10(1), 21–39. doi:10.1080/10978520903022089