A novel technique for the design of multi-frequency capable Fresnel lenses is investigated. The frequency dependant nature of a zoned Fresnel lens is considered, and a solution of the lens equations which allows multiple-band operation is developed. The technique is then further augmented with the use of perforated dielectric material to yield a low cost and light weight lens structure. The combination of these two approaches allows for greater versatility in the use of Fresnel lenses for SATCOM terminals.

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Keywords Antennas, EHF SATCOM, Fresnel Lens
Conference Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering; Technology Driving Innovation, 2004
Kadri, I. (Irfan), Britton, M. (Mike), & Roy, L. (2004). A multi frequency fresenel lens using a perforated dielectric. In Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (pp. 913–916).