Active front-end (AFE) rectifiers are becoming widely used in medium-to-high-power adjustable speed drives (ASDs) to achieve regenerative operation and meet the energy efficiency and harmonic requirements. The typical control methods used with AFE rectifiers include voltage-oriented control (VOC), direct power control (DPC) and virtual-flux-based methods. This paper presents a dynamic average-value model (AVM) of the AFE rectifier system which is based on the voltage-source converter (VSC) operated with DPC. The developed AVM and the modeling methodology presented in this paper highlight the specifics of the hysteresis bang-bang type DPC that is used to track the real and reactive power references. The proposed AVM of the AFE rectifier system is demonstrated to significantly reduce the computing effort while accurately capturing the fast transient performance of the system.

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Keywords Active front-end rectifier, direct power control, dynamic average-value modeling, transient simulation
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
Cano, J.M., Jatskevich, J., Norniella, J.G., Davoudi, A., Wang, X, Martinez, J.A., … Aliprantis, D.C. (2014). Dynamic average-value modeling of direct power-controlled active front-end rectifiers. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 29(6), 2458–2466. doi:10.1109/TPWRD.2014.2342240