In this paper, firstly an IEEE 13 node feeder system simulation model is established in Matlab/simulink. Then, taking into consideration the typical photovoltaic output fluctuation and daily load curve of the distribution network, and with simulation method, the study obtains the value of the system peak-valley difference considering the superposition of fluctuation of load and photovoltaic output. Furthermore, the paper studies the relationship between the peak-valley difference and the photovoltaic access modes, as well as capacity and operating condition, thus drawing the law of influence of connected photovoltaic system on peak-valley difference. The conclusions of the study can provide an operation reference for the determination of photovoltaic-grid- connection scheme and the peak regulation and planning of distribution network with connected photovoltaic system.

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Keywords distribution network, fluctuation, peak-valley difference, photovoltaic generation system
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Conference 2012 China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED 2012
Li, J.X. (Jin Xia), Zheng, J.H. (Jing Hong), Zhu, S.Z. (Shou Zhen), Wang, X, & Shu, L. (Lian). (2012). Study on impact of grid connection of distributed photovoltaic system on distribution network peak-valley difference considering photovoltaic volatility. In China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED. doi:10.1109/CICED.2012.6508643