Various standardization activities leading to 4G and beyond networks have considered the synergy of OFDMA and multihop relaying thus giving way for the fixed relay station (FRS)-based radio access network. As such, the next-generation networks will comprise a plethora of performance enhancing devices among which is the plug-and-play nomadic relay station (NRS). It is essential for such dense and inevitably frequency reuse-aggressive networks to employ efficient mechanisms to mitigate the co-channel interference and to provide prudent energy utilization; this brings about the timely environmental concerns and the so-called green wireless initiative in designing future wireless networks. We present a novel joint power and subchannel allocation algorithm for the emerging OFDMA-based nomadic-augmented fixed relay networks. This NRS-directed algorithm performs adaptive power control (APC) within the autonomous opportunistic NRS medium access and channel reuse, using two different approaches. The APC mechanism is realized in an open-loop manner requiring no feedback from the WT. We demonstrate the power savings and user throughput improvement obtained through the joint scheme. We also identify a throughput-power saving trade-off in terms of the number of deployed FRSs. Through this work, the authors further establish their pioneering techniques for realizing the concept of NR Saugmented networks Cooperation.

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Keywords Dynamic routing, Intra-cell reuse, Multihop, Nomadic, OFDMA, Power control, Relaying, RRM, Scheduling
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Conference 2010 IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2010-Spring
Salem, M. (Mohamed), Adinoyi, A. (Abdulkareem), Yanikomeroglu, H, & Kim, Y.-D. (Young-Doo). (2010). Nomadic relay-directed joint power and subchannel allocation in OFDMA-based cellular fixed relay networks. In IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. doi:10.1109/VETECS.2010.5493866