This Letter reports an accurate dipole moment surface for collinear H3. Using this surface, we examine the H + H2 reaction dynamics in infrared laser fields. IR laser light interacting with the system via the dipole moment (A.E. Orel and W.H. Miller, Chem. Phys. Lett. 57 (1978) 362) has no effect on the system at moderate intensitites (e.g. 1012 W/cm2), and the interaction only becomes significant at higher intensities where other processes become important. However, the shape of the collinear reaction probability obtained by Orel and Miller using an assumed dipole surface shows remarkable agreement with the results obtained in this more quantitative study.

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Journal Chemical Physics Letters
Matusek, D.R., Ivanov, M.Yu., & Wright, J.S. (1996). IR laser enhancement of the H + H2 reaction on an accurate dipole moment surface. Chemical Physics Letters, 258(1-2), 255–259.