In this paper we analyse the performance of multiple relay channels when multiple antennas are deployed only at relays. We apply two antenna diversity techniques at relays, namely maximum ratio combining (MRC) on receive and transmit beamforming (TB). We show that for both decode-and-forward and amplifyand-forward relaying protocols, with K relays the network can be decomposed into K diversity channels each with a different channel gain, and that the signals can be effectively combined at the destination. We assume that the total number of antennas at all relays is fixed at N. With a reasonable power constraint at the relays, the network capacity will be lower bounded by that of N relay channels each with single antenna, and upper bounded by that of single relay channel with N antennas. Copyright

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Journal European Transactions on Telecommunications
Fan, Y. (Yijia), Adinoyi, A. (Abdulkareem), Thompson, J.S. (John S.), & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2007). Antenna combining for multi-antenna multi-relay channels. In European Transactions on Telecommunications (Vol. 18, pp. 617–626). doi:10.1002/ett.1231