In wireless channels, multipath fading and shadowing occur simultaneously leading to the phenomenon referred to as composite fading. The use of the Nakagami probability density function (PDF) to model multipath fading and the Gamma PDF to model shadowing has led to the generalized-K model for composite fading. However, further derivations using the generalized-K PDF are quite involved due to the computational and analytical difficulties associated with the arising special functions. In this paper, the approximation of the generalized-K PDF by a Gamma PDF using the moment matching method is explored. Subsequently, an adjustable form of the expressions obtained by matching the first two positive moments, to overcome the arising numerical and/or analytical limitations of higher order moment matching, is proposed. The optimal values of the adjustment factor for different integer and non-integer values of the multipath fading and shadowing parameters are given. Moreover, the approach introduced in this paper can be used to well-approximate the distribution of the sum of independent generalized-K random variables by a Gamma distribution; the need for such results arises in various emerging distributed communication technologies and systems such as coordinated multipoint transmission and reception schemes including distributed antenna systems and cooperative relay networks.

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Keywords Composite fading, Distributed antenna systems, Gamma distribution, Generalized-K distribution, Lower and upper tails, Moment matching, Network MIMO, Positive and negative moments, Radar and sonar
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
Al-Ahmadi, S. (Saad), & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2010). On the approximation of the generalized- distribution by a gamma distribution for modeling composite fading channels. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 9(2), 706–713. doi:10.1109/TWC.2010.02.081266