In this chapter, we consider how movements for food sovereignty and community-campus engagement (CCE) can work together, both in theory and practice. We argue that CCE can, and in many cases already does, strengthen the food sovereignty movement, especially when CCE challenges traditional assumptions about the role of academics. This is particularly important given that academic institutions have a history of exploitative research relationships and often reinforce hierarchical assumptions about whose knowledge “counts” and how knowledge is produced.

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Andrée, P, Kepkiewicz, L. (Lauren), Levkoe, C, Brynne, A. (Abra), & Kneen, C. (Cathleen). (2016). Learning, food, and sustainability in community-campus engagement: Teaching and research partnerships that strengthen the food sovereignty movement. In Learning, Food, and Sustainability: Sites for Resistance and Change (pp. 133–153). doi:10.1057/978-1-137-53904-5_8