Those who feel connected to nature tend to be more likely to engage in pro-environmental behavior. How can this connection with nature be created? We examined whether viewing nature-related videos - specifically, the immersiveness of the technological devices used to display these videos - can enhance connection with nature and increase pro-environmental behavior. Participants watched videos of either natural or built environments through a head-mounted display (immersive technology) or a regular computer screen. We predicted that watching a nature video would enhance nature relatedness and pro-environmental behaviors, particularly when presented with immersive technology than with a traditional computer monitor. There was limited support for the hypotheses; watching the nature video significantly enhanced nature relatedness but not pro-environmental behaviors. The type of technology used did not influence the effect of the videos.

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Keywords Environmental behavior, Immersive technology, Nature, Presence
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Journal Journal of Media Psychology
Soliman, M. (Monica), Peetz, J, & Davydenko, M. (Mariya). (2017). The impact of immersive technology on nature relatedness and pro-environmental behavior. Journal of Media Psychology, 29(1), 8–17. doi:10.1027/1864-1105/a000213