Based on the proposed partly equidifferent mapping and its specific Differential Amplitude and Pulse Position Modulation (DAPPM) demodulation, a modified FSO scheme for turbulent channel is designed and analyzed. The novel Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) coded 4×4 and 4×8 DAPPM Free-Space Optical communication (FSO) system is constructed. The Monte Carlo simulation results show approximately 2dB transmit power reduction against classical LD-PC-DAPPM at the identical Bit-Error-Rate in strong turbulent channel. The proposed partly equidifferent mapping is compatible with other modulations, so it enables widespread adoption in other coded FSO systems.

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Keywords DAPPM, FSO, LDPC, partly equidifferent mapping, turbulent
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Journal China Communications
Liang, Y. (Yin), Zhang, H. (Hua), Chen, L. (Limin), Liu, P, & Lin, X. (Xuehong). (2017). A novel low density parity check coded differential amplitude and pulse position modulation free-space optical system for turbulent channel. China Communications, 14(3), 198–205. doi:10.1109/CC.2017.7897335