Cell switch-off (CSO) is considered to be a promising approach to reducing the energy consumed by cellular networks. In this letter, we set a new CSO research direction that focuses on saving energy and increasing the performance of a network-deployed with variable amounts of spatial regularity-by switching off some cells so as to maximize the spatial regularity of the remaining active cells. We propose three greedy algorithms for tackling this new problem. Improving the spatial regularity using a greedy algorithm results in either: 1) much extra energy could be saved while maintaining network performance or 2) saving the same amount of energy as the random CSO with better network performance.

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Keywords Delaunay triangulation, energy-efficient, Green communications, point processes, stochastic geometry
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/LWC.2017.2665472
Journal IEEE Wireless Communications Letters
Lagum, F. (Faraj), Le-The, Q.-N. (Quoc-Nam), Beitelmal, T. (Tamer), Szyszkowicz, S.S. (Sebastian S.), & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2017). Cell Switch-Off for Networks Deployed with Variable Spatial Regularity. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 6(2), 234–237. doi:10.1109/LWC.2017.2665472