Transient gene expression in protoplasts has been applied to the analysis of gene expression, promoter activity, subcellular localization of proteins, and genome editing. Its advantages have been realized in recent years in various physiological, biochemical, genetic, and molecular biological studies. The omics and systems biology studies of plant development and their interactions with the environment have revitalized this approach. Early plant-pathogen interaction represents one of the most unique signalling research areas. Here, we try to discuss some developments and current applications of the protoplast system. It is for sure that the system will significantly bridge the gap between high throughput approaches and functional analysis in the study of plant-pathogen interactions in the omics era.

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Keywords Disease resistance, Effector, Elicitor, Protein-protein interaction, Protoplast, R gene, Signal perception, Transduction, Transient gene expression
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Journal European Journal of Plant Pathology
Xing, T, Li, X.-Q. (Xiu-Qing), Laroche, A. (Andre), Tian, L. (Lining), Tubei, K. (Kipkios), & Wang, X. (Xiaojing). (2017). Protoplasts in the analysis of early plant-pathogen interactions: current applications and perspectives. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 1–10. doi:10.1007/s10658-017-1230-9