Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) is a formalism for the modeling and analysis of discrete event systems. Parallel DEVS (PDEVS) is an extension of DEVS for supporting Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation, which is a powerful tool for evaluating the performance of large scale systems. In this work, we propose an optimistic approximate and semi-asynchronous parallel strategy. The level of optimism is efficiently managed throughout the simulation execution, and it is automatically adjusted based on the simulation evolution. Load balance and model partitioning is automatically made by means of an algorithm that takes advantage of the communication pattern of the simulated model. Our proposal is designed for Web search engines, which are complex and highly optimized systems devised to operate on large clusters of processors and dealing with dynamic and unpredictable user query bursts. The results show that our proposal is able to reduce both execution times and memory usage of standard optimistic simulations of Web search engine models, at the expense of small errors.

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Keywords Approximate parallel simulation, DEVS, PCD++, Web search engines
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1002/cpe.4149
Journal Concurrency Computation
Inostrosa-Psijas, A. (Alonso), Gil-Costa, V. (Veronica), Marin, M. (Mauricio), & Wainer, G.A. (2017). Semi-asynchronous approximate parallel DEVS simulation of web search engines. Concurrency Computation. doi:10.1002/cpe.4149