With the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC)’s final report and the TRC’s Recommendations/Call to Action in 2015, many Canadians and their governments, institutions, organizations and companies have chosen to take up the TRC’s call to action. In so doing, they confront themselves as they ponder history, the meaning of reconciliation, and their relationship with Indigenous peoples. For many, engaging with reconciliation is cause to question the future of Canada – not just because of the marking of 150th anniversary but because they realize that meaningful reconciliation represents a mid-life crisis of extraordinary proportions. The reason – reconciliation will not be achieved by saying sorry or by tokenistic means of inclusion (by means of an acknowledgement of country or curriculum change). True and meaningful reconciliation will necessitate the forging of a new political landscape based upon the rule of law (both constitutional and international), a leveling of the playing field, a new relationship based in treaty implementation, and the resurgence of both Indigenous nations and Canada as a settler society (or more realistically as settler societies).

This talk will offer an alternative vision of Canada – one which could be realized if Canada were to truly embrace the opportunity provided by this fleeting moment of reflection and renewal and to engage what James (sakej) Youngblood Henderson referred to as a post-colonial Ghost Dance. Rejecting incremental change as perpetual colonialism, Ladner considers possibilities for renewing Hendersons’ vision whilst dismantling colonial institutions and forging a pathway towards transformative reconciliation.

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Publisher Faculty of Public Affairs
Conference Visions for Canada 2042: Imagining a Future Canada
Ladner, Kiera L. (2017). Reconciliation, Resurgence and Renewal: An Alternative Vision for Canada, 2042: Keynote Lecture. Presented at the Visions for Canada 2042: Imagining a Future Canada, Faculty of Public Affairs.

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