This chapter discusses strategies and issues associated with designing Net zero energy buildings (ZEBs) using building performance simulation (BPS) and other tools and strategies. The first section of the chapter examines how the design process of Net ZEBs differs from that of conventional buildings. It also looks at the different stages of design and at how BPS can be integrated at various stages. The chapter focuses on the building design stages: the concept design, the design development, and the technical design stages. The second section of the chapter approaches the Net ZEB design problem from a more technical/research-oriented point of view. The issues that are examined include a general discussion of appropriate model resolution in BPS tools, approaches to modeling different Net ZEB features and systems, and suggestions on how to use BPS tools to influence design and visualize the design space.

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Keywords Building performance simulation (BPS), Concept design phase, Design development phase, Model resolution, Net zero energy building (ZEB) design, Technical design phase
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O'Brien, W, Bourdoukan, P. (Paul), Delisle, V. (Véronique), & Yip, S. (Samson). (2015). Net ZEB design processes and tools. In Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings (pp. 107–174). doi:10.1002/9783433604625.ch04