The most important radioisotope for nuclear medicine is (Formula presented.)Tc. After the supply crisis of (Formula presented.)Mo starting in 2008, the availability of (Formula presented.)Tc became a worldwide concern. Alternative methods for producing the medical imaging isotope (Formula presented.)Tc are actively being developed around the world. The reaction (Formula presented.)Mo(p, 2n)(Formula presented.)Tc provides a direct route that can be incorporated into routine production in nuclear medicine centers that possess medical cyclotrons for production of other isotopes, such as those used for Positron Emission Tomography. This paper describes a new approach for manufacturing targets for the (p, 2n) nuclear reaction on (Formula presented.)Mo and the foundation for the subsequent commercial separation and purification of the (Formula presented.)Tc produced. Two designs of targets are presented. The targets used to produce (Formula presented.)Tc are subject to a number of operational constraints.They must withstand the temperatures generated by the irradiation, accommodate temperature gradients from cooling system of the target, must be resilient and must be easily post-processed to separate the (Formula presented.)Tc. After irradiation, the separation of Tc from Mo was carried out using an innovative two-step approach. The process described in this paper can be automated with modules that easily fit in standard production hot cells found in nuclear medicine facilities.

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Keywords (Formula presented.)Tc, cyclotron, target, target processing
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Journal Modern Physics Letters A
Matei, L., McRae, G, Galea, R., Niculae, D., Craciun, L., Leonte, R., … Johnson, R.R. (2017). A new approach for manufacturing and processing targets to produce 99mTc with cyclotrons. Modern Physics Letters A, 32(17). doi:10.1142/S0217732317400119