For years, firms have been investing millions of dollars in information systems (IS) to gain operational and strategic benefits. However, in most cases these expected benefits have not been realized because the software development community has been plagued with the delivery of low quality and unsuccessful information systems. Duggan and Reichgelt's information systems quality model was adapted with minor modifications to explore the impact of process maturity and people on IS quality in Canadian software development firms. The study also investigated the impact of IS quality on IS success. Using PLS-Graph as the statistical tool, it was discovered that people skills and contribution had the greatest impact on IS quality and that IS quality impacted IS success. These findings are important to both IS practitioners and researchers in their desire to deliver high quality and successful information systems in Canada.

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Keywords Capability maturity model integration, Information systems quality, Information systems success, Process maturity, Software process improvement
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Journal Information Resources Management Journal
Chevers, D.A. (Delroy A.), & Grant, G. (2017). Information systems quality and success in Canadian software development firms. Information Resources Management Journal, 30(3), 1–25. doi:10.4018/IRMJ.2017070101