This paper reviews the existing evidence for dual discrimination based on gender and ethnicity for minority/immigrant women. It focuses on income inequalities between minority/immigrant women and other groups. The effects of human capital, occupational segregation, sector segregation and discrimination or stereotyping on earnings gap are identified. The paper also proposes that a preponderance of minority females in certain occupations may result in a devaluation of wages and lowering of prestige in these occupations. The unique set of stressors experienced by minority/immigrant women that may affect access to jobs as well as performance on the job are also discussed.

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Series Working Papers
Journal Sprott Letters
Ambwani, Vinita, Dyke, Lorraine, & Papadopoulos, N. (2007). Layers Of Discrimination: Income inequalities Between Female Minority Populations and Other Groups. Sprott Letters, November(2007).