This paper presents selected preliminary results from a study of B2B e-commerce adoption by Canadian manufacturing firms. The goal of the broad research project IS to describe the behaviour of Canadian manufacturers with respect to adoption of B2B technologies and to identify factors which distinguish adopters from non-adopters of B2B. The study focuses on the organizational characteristics of adopters of B2B e-commerce technologies and attempts to outline the features which differentiate them from non-adopters. Preliminary analysis shows the existence of three distinct B2B adopter types: non-adopters, partial-adopters and full-adopters. Leadership related variables appear to be the most important determinants of adoption.

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Series Frontiers in Business Research and Practice
Journal Sprott Letters
Kumar, V, Fuksa, Michael, & Kumar, U. (2007). Organizational Characteristics of B2B Adopters in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector. Sprott Letters, November(2007).