Cooperative multiband spectrum sensing presents the next generation of cognitive radio networks, where multiple bands are sensed and accessed to improve spectrum maintenance and to enhance the network throughput. In order to concretize this concept, several uniform cooperative spectrum sensing techniques have been proposed in literature which suffers from a high complexity computation over the global sensing scheme. To overcome this limitation, this work proposes a robust and efficient spectrum sensing technique. The proposal investigates a new alternative of Single-Pixel-Camera adaptation of the cooperative multiband spectrum sensing for Cognitive Radio. Instead of using the conventional uniform band measurements, we investigate a non-uniform approach, where the time of sensing is reduced by using a hard and soft decision metric. Moreover, this approach allows to enhance the performances in terms of spectrum sensing. Simulation results are given to support our claims.

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Keywords Cognitive radio, Cooperative spectrum sensing, Energy detection, Fusion center, Hard decision, Multi-channel, Multiband, Non-uniform, Single-pixel-camera, Uniform
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Conference 81st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC Spring 2015
Sghaier, M. (Mouna), Abdelkefi, F. (Fatma), Siala, M. (Mohamed), & Ibnkahla, M. (2015). Single-pixel-camera paradigm for multiband cooperative sensing in cognitive radio systems. In IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. doi:10.1109/VTCSpring.2015.7146088